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I got into standups in the early 2000s and at the time, this was the king, purpose built, custom, carbon fiber. When it recently came up for sale I seriously considered it but decided I didn't have the space and kicked myself for not grabbing it when I could. Long story short, it came back up for sale as a part out and I decided to grab it just to get my hands on it in real life and get a chance to see how it rides.
15 years ago, this was considered a purely flatwater freestyle hull, by today's standards it is definitely not that. It is long, has deep chines and little nose rocker. IMO it looks like a killer rec ski that should be able to turn decent, run out fast and get air along with the typical old school tricks (stabs, rolls, fountains, etc.).
This will be a budget build, rec ski focused, simple, low maintenace and a good alternative to a superjet for lake riding. It came out to right around 100 lbs with hood, rideplate and intake grate.
The hull is set up for a Kawaski pump and Polaris engine, I will be putting a stock Kawaski 140 in it with no trim and am still undecided on the engine setup but the intent is a basic 701/760. It had an RRP pole on it that looked terrible so I went with a Xmetal and just piecing together most of it from random bits I have kicking around in my garage.

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