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How many of you own hand guns? What do you own? How do you like it? What would you recomend?

I have several guns mainly shotguns and rifles but im looking at getting my first handgun. I have been looking at glocks possibly the 23, iv shot a 22 and 26 and i liked them both. What are your opinions?


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Are you looking for a concealed carry pistol? You can't go wrong with a glock, especially the gen 4. I am going with a g19 9mm. Yes a .45 and .40 have more stopping power but I want to actually enjoy it And shoot it at a range without breaking the bank on ammo. Any gun close range is going to do some damage.

If you have a local range that rents, try a few out. Some people prefer the 1911 grip style others prefer a revolver. The main thing is you want something that is going to shoot when it's supposed to and not jam when in a critical situation.


I had several firearms however just sold all of them to fund a new ski :(

Anyways I REALLY liked my xdm9 over any glock, holds 19 rounds! Plus the safety mechanism just makes sense. Also the 92fs is a very solid accurate weapon with an easy breakdown. I was also very fond of large wheel guns such as the Taurus 627 with a 4" barrel.
i also looked at the 17 same as the 23 i believe just a 9mm. I need to get to a range and get my hands on a few more. this will be a weekend fun style gun as well as "home protection"

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Glock 26, Gen 4 (9mm). Like it. My fav.

FYI- any local guys wanna purchase my like new, Ruger LC9 (9mm), other stuff comes with it too, great price.

It's a sweet unit although I need the cash to partially fund another one.

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I love my XD9mm. The glock just does not fit right in my hand. You cannot go wrong with either. The best thing to do is go to the range and rent all the guns your are interested in and see what one fits best.
I stand by .357 revolvers. If you need more than 6 of those puppies then you already done got YOURSELF in to some chit you should not be in!
i used to have a g19 super nice gun never had any issues except when i used blazer ammo would stove pipe a lot.

currently have a taurus 24/7 pro. since taurus has started making theyre own pistols the quality has declined. back when they were based off other companies mold they were niced. the slide constantly sticks 1/8" from going all the way forward, jams, and is just generically poorly assembled you get what you pay for. when you shake the gun it even rattles.

i also have a ruger lcp as my carry weapon. love it well constructed and planned out firemarm. its not the most comfortable but its a sub compact i can put it in a pair of basketball shorts and you would never seen it


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Glock 26, Gen 4 (9mm). Like it. My fav.
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I have the same one. I like it, but the mags do not seem to seat as nice as they do on my glock 21 (45). Could just be the one I have?

I LOVE my gen 4 G21... The .40 and .45 XDs I have shot were also VERY nice. If we were allowed to carry here, I would have the glock subcompact 45.


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I keep an xd.45 in my truck, just bought a Ruger sr22 pistol for cheap fun, and looking to buy a Walther PPK for a carry pistol and a Glock 19


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minimum caliber is 9 mm. skip the cheap 380s.
I am a 1911 guy myself but that is less than ideal for a newbie
glock 19, any of the Kahr 9mms, beretta nano are all great carry guns
I have a Heckler & Koch 9mm. It is German police issue 9mm and while I like it I am leaning more to replacing it with the Glock 26 its a little more bulky to carry and I carry all the time. I recommend just going to a range and try some out and see what you like.


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If you just want a pistol to have a pistol, I say get a 9mm. Lots of options, lots of ammo, light recoil etc.
Good first gun IMO, (if $500 doesn't scare you) would be a XD9, or XDM9, compact 4" barrel. If you want to conceal or keep in your vehicle its a ok size for that. Has a small accessory rail etc.

As everyone has mentioned, XD's and Glocks are both really great. I love XD's, the safety is much more through and the quality is totally on point. I've owned 3 Xd's, and never had an issue with them eating everything i've put through them including reloads. But I carry every day and I didn't care for how thick they are...
Glocks are not comfortable at all to me. Never shot one though.

So as torpedo said... 1911 all the way. there is no substitute.


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