Jet Dynamics vs ProWatercraft ride plates

I am a bigger guy and thus have the classic 750sx porpoising issue, so I’m looking at getting an extended ride plate. Does anyone have experience with these two options and can share your thoughts?
I have riden a 750 sx with a Jet Dynamics ride plate and hull extensions and it was absolutely the best handling 750 I've ever been on. Those were the only hull modifications as far as I know. Haven't tried a ProWaterCraft.
Update the turnplate and pole pad to shorter SXI parts and find any extended rideplate. Jet Dynamics will work but may need to be shimmed down a little. Hull extensions will also help a lot but may be difficult to find.
So cal
I got rid of the bulky handlepole pad and that helps get you farther forward in the tray when you need to. Replaced it with hydroturf


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