Krash foot rocket pole length

Building a non-adjustable pole for my new to me foot rocket and curious if anybody could tell me what length they are running pivot to pivot on this hull. I've never ridden 1 of these hulls so I'm kinda just guessing on the length and eyeballing it. I've got it all tacked together at about 35" pivot to pivot rightnow which looks about right but not sure. A02FF387-DC8C-4BC9-B24F-E94BF0641890.jpeg9905FCED-A985-402F-A373-C816310D2717.jpeg
Kavinci poles are adjustable just like rrp. It looks to me like your pole is too long , but I got knuckle daggers. I got one on my xfs clone. I shortened it as soon as I got it. You can compair


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Mostly a personal preference lMO. You have been around for a while,so you know what you like
Questions you should ask yourself:
What do l ride more,surf of flat water?
Long runs in the lake or freestyle?
How comfortable do l want to be?
Bent over for a trick or cruising?

As far as l see from you pic,l would feel good riding with where you have it now.But thats wher l like mine.Also consider OVP steering or something else.You could always use riser bars to lengthen it a bit more,if it did turn out to short.Not sure if that is the answer you’re looking for,but may provide some things to look at.Good luck!
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