Running 38s on a 760. Need jetting help


Maybe I'll get it all the way around NEXT time....
Built a 760 for a friend, but he has stock 38 mm carbs. Looking for a starting point for jetting. Has a B pipe and that’s it. Stock head and everything else stock.
Once upon a time I had a 62t 701 cylinder bored to 84mm (so it was the size of a 760 but had the slightly lower port timing. Basic pumpkin spice latte b pipe, ada head, zeel, stock 38s stock flame arrestor. I started with factory pipe recommended jetting for a b pipe (which as I recall is very close to stock) and I don't remember what I ended up with, but I do remember it started out pretty close and didn't need much changing.
Quinc's recommendation should be close, possibly bumping to a 72.5 pilot.

My 62t/61x at 84mm (760) w/ b-pipe, ported cylinder and cases, ADA head @ 190 psi, stock FA with a single screen has 75 pilots and 140 mains at 1.5 turns each.

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