sealing leak

i found a leak on my sj where the drive shaft passes through the body right where the intake grate sits, it looks like it goes through a pvc or plastic pipe sleeve and its leaking around that. looks like the last owner tried siliconing it

i was gonna remove all the silicone and either wire brush or rough up the pipe and surface around it then use something like 3M 3200 to seal it up, do you think that would work?

this is just a pic i found on google but you get the idea

I would grind it out a bit and use epoxy. 5200 may work, but if it were mine I would feel better with jb weld. The best way would be to fiberglass it from the backside, but the effort is not worth it if it`s a pinhole leak.
i have jb weld, i also have a jug of west system epoxy, although i feel like that would be a little bit runny and hard to hold it in there while it cured?


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Get a jug of west system high density filler and add it to the epoxy to get a peanut butter consistency. Just used it to do some patches.
Sometimes I will use tape to stop it from running while it cures. For something like that I will fill in the hole and use clear packing tape over it so I can see the epoxy through it as I push the tape down into place.
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