SOLD LPW 771 Big Bore


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LPW 771 Big Bore, this motor is a Beast. Brand new Big Bore sleeves installed by Paul Lehr. 85mm Wossner forged pistons, ported cylinder on epoxied and ported 62t cases, Ada girdled head, Brand New Boyesen intake/reed setup, Blackjack 44’s just fully rebuilt and jetted/ popoff for the LPW 771 with Paul’s jetting recommendations. This motor has less than 2 hours on it. My buddy Gerry blew his front seal on his 760, so while we pulled his motor to rebuild it we threw in my Lpw 771 to do break in and tune it. This was the closest setup out of the box tuning ive ever encountered, Paul was spot on with the jetting specs. Once it was dialed we fogged it and removed to put his motor back in. Im posting it with 2 hours, but definitely way under more like an hour and 3-5 min break in cycles. This motor was my shelf backup motor, i now have 2 power valve motors so the smallest has to go. The best of the best was used on this motor it was built for my Personal ski. $3200 complete drop in ready just like pic. Or $2200 for shortblock. Buyer pays all shipping costs and Paypal fees.


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