The black superjet protec pipe.

I'm going to try to describe my experience as accurately as possible since this thread will be on the first page of google for people interested in this pipe.

First and foremost, its known this pipe can rip but its a pain to install...but there is hardly any detail about this pipe online, so I encourage those who have run it to share their experience. By the way, keep in mind I don't like wrenching.

Overall this thing works really really well. It has made me get better at riding. And that is the most important thing. Assuming you are coming from a stocker, (in my case a stock 650 6m6 with aftermarket prop) the pain in the ass you are about to experience installing the thing is well worth it, and I feel its price point is due to this blunt force trauma that is installing this pipe.

With just normal tools you will be 1/8 turning bolts allll day. lol. There were times I almost gave up and considered bolting on the stock pipe so I could just ride. You need to run at least 3 torqued bolts from the chamber to head and exhaust mani , and none of it bolts right up unless you have protecs head, cylinder, and whatever. Basically it was designed for a full protec limited boat. You need the rubber mounts, one on the head and two to the exhaust mani.

Protec customer service is patient and knows the pipe. The guy on the phone never steered me wrong figuring it all out. I was frustrated that i needed multiple orders that each took a while to get to me..

**official @JetManiac plug: he stocks protec parts but not the odds and ends I needed. He gave me advice on how to have them ship to get the parts faster. Great vendor**

I also had a lot of help from a friend online who ran the pipe for a while (but not the one I got) and gave me a great cooling diagram.

One HUGE complaint about installation...If you have a stock 61x or 6m6 cylinder you either need to find or make a bracket to bolt the chamber to it. Protec no longer makes this bracket. But the phone man linked me to a picture of the bracket which helped a lot as I basically crudely ground a piece of aluminum to work.

PERFORMANCE: Jet it right. Call protec. I went from 1.5 to 2.3 NS. All I can say is that I have the same power band as before but its just much stronger...lazy slob to toned athlete stronger. There is an emphasis in the power band though and that is in the mid range. It responds when you really keep on it.

Its for sure a project, but if you have more time than money it will make your jet ski better.
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I have to say this is my favorite pipe if I could run it in my hull I would happily sell my pfp and run this. I had 1 in a sn 701 and it ran strong from bottom to top. Great pipe and I personally didn't have any problems installing or uninstalling it.
I really like mine. And yes pita to install. But my limited 14 sj is a blast to ride and I feel quite fast.

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Black protec pipe is easy as hell to take out and in. The two lower middle bolts for the manifold are a pain due to limited turning ability, otherwise they all get lots of room. I've never removed the head pipe from the manifold and don't see a reason to. I've also only removed the manifold twice and both times were chasing a water flow issue, otherwise it isn't nessacary. I just cut the top bracket off the expansion chamber to fit my stock head, 2 seasons later its still going great and doesn't bother me considering there is another bracket like 8" further down the pipe. I feel this pipe makes good mid and top end power, but its low end is lacking compared to stock and B-pipes. I'm not sure what my prop is, but my buddys RN with all stock 61x including exhaust and raider prop [like 16-21 or something way off] would holeshot me until I got moving them I flew past him.
I didn't think mine was too bad to install. Also didn't get any of the brackets.



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Weird, thats a different top bracket then mine had. Mine had two bolts holes, yours is a single and fits a stock head?
I recently installed a protec pipe on my sj with a 61x 701 and ADA head. I used a bracket that allowed the pipe to be bolted to the head. And another that bolted the chamber to the manifold.

I got 4-5 solid rides out of it, then while cruising on flat water, the bolt in the head snapped and the lower bracket broke off as well. The coupler blew apart at the hose clamp also. (All at once as far as I can tell.)

Has anyone else experienced similar issues?
Here's mine, wasn't too bad installing it, just gotta make sure you have all the needed bolts, bracket, and etc... I feel it's easier then the b-pipe. There's a guy on eBay that sells the correct rubber grommet mounts cheaper, gotta make sure you use it. My head pipe is modded, it has 1 fixed main jet water injection and 2 adjustable water injections, love the pipe and still playing around with the adjustments. How hot does everyone's chamber gets? I can put my hand on it for about 3 sec might try to dry it our some.


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I sometimes miss the original set up i had with this pipe. A 650, bored nozzle, and jetworks A prop with this pipe was crisper than a stock 701 sn. I own a bone stock 94 SN and its a fun gf/friend ski but its mushy compared to how this felt.

I went to an x motor set up and the head bracket bolts vibrate loose in under an hour so i gave up on it and went to a b pipe
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Take out the tank and go from there. It need aligned properly or else it will fall apart. Tanks easier to deal with than an installed b pipe.

Don't give up just remember this pipe is 20+ years old and all bed plates are off a bit. The pipe was made for 6m6 and 61x sj's but the mid is so strong!
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