TJ155 pumps

Glad to introduce our new model 155/75 pump.
All our TJ pumps using a TJ invented 15 vain stator we tested this for the past few years and we found a nice benefit using this stator design! #innovationisbetterthencopy
This one is our 155/75 model. For more information dm or email us at
We have multiple pump sizings available in both 75 and 83 hub.


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I personally have one of Tj products 160mm/83mm pumps and it is a piece of art work. Pump also comes with an adjustable pump cone about time someone came up with this. Tim Verhey is amazing to deal with and has out standing service. He can get you setup with the complete pump package. Dont hesist to speak with him and see what he can do for you and start working with the best!!!

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After using a TJ 158/75 pump for years, I switched to a TJ 160/83 with the complete TJ 1200 driveline. Great quality and performance. The drivetrain was pre setup, including ignition and carbs, plug and play. No pitching or ignition adjusting needed, just a bit carb tuning.
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