towing with sports cars

She tows all the thing and doesn't complain one bit. Just dragged the superjet on a 800 mile trip.

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When I bought my ski, it was hooked up to a '94 Honda Prelude. Also, a local here drives a Lexus is250 with a 3 seater waver runner behind it. Works well, even dropping in at the beach.


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I tow 2 PWCs with the same vehicle. Little 2.0 litter ecoboost is a towing beast.

Mines just the 1.6. Needed it for the mpg for my 120 mile commute.

But... She's not stock at all. She's dyno'ing about 50hp/75tq over stock. She pulls no problem and still gets 27mpg at 70mph!

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Spends hundreds of thousands on a car...uses it to tow the cheapest jetski ever made....

The SJ is the 2nd least expensive ski from Yamaha (only $600 more than the V1) but it is definitely the one I'd buy. If I had $20k to blow and it had to be on a new Seadoo it'd be the Spark. The dude can certainly afford the most expensive ski out there...


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My wife sold maklemore a seadoo. He just picked the one he liked the looks of. Like a 155gtx or something just cause of the blue on it. Didn't care about specs or nothing. He didn't even buy a trailer. He was super weird and paranoid. Had my wife's work drop the ski off late in the day at the boat launch and he rode it home. Dude bought brand new gator shoes to ride it too... All that being said at least that dude got a trailer to tow his spark with his Ferrari lol


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