Who Rides All Year Round...?

Dudes , its that time of the year in my neck of the woods when we take our skis out of the water for the Winter. Spring seems like an eternity away. :(:(:( Do any of you guys ride 24\7 , all year round. Now i don`t mean with dry suits , helmets and hot handgrips etc. , freezing your bits off (not my idea of fun). Any of you living where you can jump on your FX1 anytime you want wearing only shorts and a lifejacket.? Or are we all in the same boat...
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March-November here in Colorado "freezing my bits off" lol. Hoping to have found a lake 3 hours from me that apparently doesn't freeze till late December so I might get one extra Month of riding in. Yay!
I've come to love cold weather riding, it really gets my adrenaline flowing. My biggest problem was cold hands, Gauntlets fixed that issue.

We ride a heated lake in April, there's a nuclear reactor onsite that uses the lake as a cooling pond.
Like snowmobile gauntlets? Or did you find neoprene ones?

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