wr3 build

After getting myself a 650sx, i realized i could spend more time playing on the water if the wife and kid had something to ride.

Enter the winter project...1995 WR3 GP in all of its smurfy goodness

good shape, just a bit grimey

plans are to clean, prep, paint, graphics, turf, cover the seat, new controls, switch to premix, etc.
just catching up here...

cleaned up the engine and interior of the hull. 5 year old gas and lake water make for a wonderful aroma

replaced hardened hoses, fuel filter, plugs, added flush kit, replaced "classic" k&n filter, removed oiling/tank, replaced fuel sending unit (stuck/rotten rubber sections), replaced choke with primer

to address the color scheme (gotta love 90's powersports color schemes)

sanded and about ready for primer. removed and filled the holes for the vent covers

based on the shallow gouges to the port side just above the waterline under the suspiciously new graphics, and the extra set of holes under the gunwhale trim, i am guessing there was a "rubbing incident" at some point. fortunately no cracks or other issues that i can find. unfortunately to get it smooth i had to go down to the smc in a couple of areas. plan is to use totalboat 2 part epoxy primer and finish with their wetedge topcoat. through about rolling and tipping but this may be a good chance to try spraying
i havent jetted a 2 stroke since the 80s so i would appreciate anything you learn on fixing that midrange flop. this one ran great once i cleaned the system out and put in fresh gas but i am sure it is going to need a carb rebuild after sitting for 5 years
got a couple of things done on the wr3 project over the long weekend...

easy one first...tdr waterbox install. received the message from vintagejetski that tdr was going to do one last run of waterboxes and then they would be gone for good. seeing as this is about the only exhaust upgrade for a wr3...

next was to install the ada head from jetmania. girdled head is overkill for a stock motor (especially for compression here in co) but it was a good deal through and it did allow me to raise the compression to regain some of the loss due to co altitude.

gotta grind the exhaust bracket to clear the girdled head to finish the install and get the muffler back on (what do you mean nobody runs stock exhaust with this head?!?!), will take care of that this weekend. also pulled the cap off of the ebox and disconnected the head temp sensor, plan to install an inline water temp sensor at the head with a display
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