X2 Cover

Corona, CA
I thought someone was making X2 covers that fit really nicely with aftermarket/taller bars on X2's, but I can't seem to find any info on it now. Does anyone know if someone is making these? The only other option I see is a Covercraft cover from Hot Products, but it says they don't have any in stock. Anyone had any experiences with these?

Mike W

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North Florida
I had a cover made for my X2 a while back. I had a/m bars and he made it to fit the bars perfectly. Company called Zirb-Tech. You can find him on Facebook. 047B64F1-CCC6-43F9-91EE-942223ADC685.jpeg7BA597C0-6D94-4C8F-A0E5-326CC3D1020C.png
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