SOLD Yamaha gaskets

Mike W

Site Supporter
North Florida
Misc Yamaha gaskets. Don’t want to piece mill this stuff, want to sell everything in one shot. You will get everything in the picture plus some others not pictured. The case seals are OEM from Jetmaniac. The majority of them are from JM as well. $75 shipped CONUS. 4F882162-5313-437F-AE99-6FA77AA9A3FA.jpeg9CC8D430-E5F4-4E63-852C-96138B49AF80.jpegC74A966B-4EF2-44DB-A378-6BF74D602E29.jpeg1D9C5E23-7158-4964-8F6B-1332D3B66E3B.jpeg28BCE500-1053-40EA-9893-5FCF7D9F88EE.jpeg602929E0-7C1E-4E51-9536-55060F9FD8BD.jpeg
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