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how is the shipping cost for the squarenose chin pad to 91723?
I’ll check tomorrow, it might fit in a flat rate. Here’s more pics of itF824CABD-766B-476A-A84B-B9D929D2291A.jpeg46F8654B-E11A-495B-A21C-A8228F1B5276.jpeg
Looks like it’s around $8-10 estimate
Hi Chris - Will Blue port a 760 cylinder and cases for me? Just a free ride 2012 SJ- I know a 61X is better, blah, blah, but I am sure he can make this thing work pretty well. If you guys can make that happen, let me know where to send it and a ballpark $ figure. Thanks very much
I’m retiring my superjet hull and I’m looking for a new one. Either another superjet 2015-2019 or a Rickter Edge. Anyone have a hull shell?


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Your best bet is to contact TCFreeride or Freestyle Connection.
I was reading through one of the hull posts on the forum and read that you would be selling your superfreak after June, I realize is been a while but wanted to ask if the ski was sold?
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