2020 Wave Rave

What’s the best way to launch and park for someone who is not camping there? First timer here... I see the launch up the road, but parking looks pretty slim. Just curious what people have done in previous years.
Beach cart within the campground is pretty much impossible. Huge set of stairs on one end and somewhat treacherous steep walkway on the other end. I believe everyone just coordinates with someone else to get dropped off at the launch so they can ride skis back to the beach.
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I believe it is always the second weekend of August, but this particular time that’s somewhat unclear.
Clarification: it’s the second Saturday in August!!

Therefore August 6-9, if you wanna count Thursday.

Availability at the campground shows that weekend is booked to approximately full, so that makes sense.


I just posted on FB too. We launch at a boat ramp? I don't want to try to bring my new beach cart if we don't even need it.
There is a ramp, but then you are in a river that goes another 50 yds around a bend into lake MI. Last year the water at the mouth was only inches deep, so bypassing the ramp and using a cart right across the beach near the ramp allowed you to go directly to deeper water. Seems like someone said the river mouth was deeper water this year (since the lake is so high) so should be good to go.

Plus, if someone else is At the ramp launching with a cart, surely they’ll allow you to use it for 60 seconds.
I just posted on FB too. We launch at a boat ramp? I don't want to try to bring my new beach cart if we don't even need it.

Yes launch at a boat ramp that is 3 miles north of the campground. Launching from the campground with a beach cart is impossible as there are roughly 100 stairs between the campground and the beach. Trust me, bringing fuel up and down the stairs is already enough of a PITA!
Bring a wetsuit!! Lake flipped this weekend kinda like last year. Might be good in a few days but right now they are showing 50s close to the shore.

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I rode yesterday in Muskegon. It was chilly, but if I had put on my wetsuit, I would have roasted. So, *shrug* it's going to really depend on whether the sun is out and how thick your fat layer is and how thick your suit is ;)
I just tubed down the stony lake outlet This past weekend and you’ll be able to ride a ski out into the lake no problem. Water was probably 8” to a foot over the break wall
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