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Sep 26, 2006
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Here is what is on Yamaha's Australian website (SJ4 in Nov for them):

The 2021 model line-up

All-New Models
  • GP1800R SVHO (ETA Nov 2020)
  • GP1800R HO (ETA Nov 2020)
  • VX Limited HO (with speakers) (ETA Feb 2021)
  • VX limited (with speakers) (ETA Feb 2021)
  • VX Cruiser HO (ETA Feb 2021)
  • VX Deluxe (ETA Feb 2021)
  • SuperJet (Four-Stroke) (ETA Nov 2020)

    New Colours and Graphics
  • FX Limited SVHO (ETA Nov 2020)
  • FX Cruiser SVHO (ETA Nov 2020)
  • FX SVHO (ETA Nov 2020)
  • FX Cruiser HO (ETA Nov 2020)
  • FX HO (ETA Nov 2020)
  • EXR (ETA Nov 2020)
  • EX Deluxe (ETA Nov 2020)
  • EX (ETA Nov 2020)
Jul 21, 2019
Just checked in with my dealer, Still on track for Oct deliver from what they have been told!
Similar out here in North Carolina. My sales guy updated me on Monday and said end of September, but I'm thinking that is salesmanship. I believe after 1st of October sometime. I can't imagine having it before World Finals, being just your average Joe
Jul 21, 2019
Any more updates? It's been 10 days. I got to see one in person at a dealer this past weekend. Very cool! Now I'm really excited. Guess Yamaha is doing dealer stop ins. They had the SJ and a few other 2021s on display for the day.
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