300/440/550 conversion ski heavy white smoke???

Ok, so before I get bashed I used the search and found some information on this but would like some seccond opinions.

Last week at the lake (after running a tank of fuel, runs great prefect spark color) started bogging terribly bad and wouldnt get up on plane at all. Pulled the hood, smoke comes bellowing out, no real smell, no electrical issues. I let the smoke clear, put the hood back on start her up and take off. I get about 100ft and the same thing happens again, bring it back to shore and same thing with the smoke. After a closer look the rivets on the waterbox inlet had some how worked their way loose so we loaded it up and headed home.

I pulled the box out, heated it, split it, fixed the rivets and sealed everything back up with jb weld.

I got it all buttoned back up and ready to go, get to the lake and it wont start. Pulled hood and found a broken fuel line near the fuel selector. Pulled lines, replaced, fired right up. Get back to the lake and it still runs good but now smokes like the devil (in and out of the water and realy didnt before the box and fuel line replacement) but still has good power.

So heres what I have found... either

A) I have a **** load of oil still in the bottom of the crankcase that is just burning out slowly.
B) Now that there is no exhaust leak at the box and the fuel line isnt leaking, I am running extremly rich.

I didnt get a chance to pull the plugs or check the compression, I'll be doing that tomorrow.

Ski has a stock 650sx engine, stock pipes, stock 28mm carb with open intake (no FA).
Premix at 40:1 with Amsoil synthetic and 93 octane. Not sure how the H and L screws are adjusted, any advise on that?

So what do you guys think??:confused:
Check the plugs and see if its running rich now i wouldnt think it would run that much richer that it would have clouds more smoke then before unless the line was leaking alot of fuel before and you would have smelled it.

There is the possibility of things being a little more oiled up then usual if it has been fouled up but that should clear pretty quickly are you sure its not steam?

As long as the motors not overheating just go ride it and tune it by the plugs and if the plugs look good and it goes good then there cant really be anything wrong with it two strokes love to smoke!
Thanks for the reply back, I just checked the plugs and compression this morning.

Plugs were wet and dark compression is still 150 in each hole.

I adjusted the carb to stock settings, H 7/8 out, L 1 3/4 out the were both a a little more open than stock. Cranked her up on the trailer and still white smoke.

I know its not steam, looks like i'm spraying for mosquitoes in my yard lol. I plan on taking it out this afternoon and running it to try to clean it out. I had read that some of the Amsoil products tend to smoke quite a bit, but i'm running the same fuel in my 650sx (also stock) and there is minimal smoke.

I guess i'll just roll with it:brap:

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Put a f/a on your carb no matter what. No f/a makes it very easy for water to get into the carb which is bad. Since everything else on the ski is stock i would find a stock 650 f/a and just put the carb to stock settings.
So I stayed on the lake with it for about 2 hrs today, everything burned out and is back to normal. I guess it was just excess buildup from the engine choking itself out.

I have been thinking about getting a prog or k&n type FA (already has the round adapter on the carb and i'm thinking about modding the engine a little over the winter) but just haven't ordered anything yet (still getting the hang of stand ups so I take it easy).

N2 H2O

Previously Tbone550
I wouldn't suggest a k&n. They seem to get clogged up a lot when they get wet. I like the prok one's the best. I would just hate for something to get down the carb into your motor and trash it.
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