No matter what yamaha does there will be haters. The only disappointing thing about the release is that there is no more 2 stroke classic superjet. Props to them for change and innovation
They had to dump the twostroke, they didn't have to make it ugly. Ill buy one just to make my old X2 feel better about the way it looks.


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I think the nose looks a bit SXR 800ish. Not the shape, but the black on white and the gas cap placement. Overall though the SXR800 is a lot better looking. sxr.jpg
Looks like they tried to make it go with the new chevy truck. They may as well stick a gold Bentley grille on the front of that pig. The rest of it is gawdy enough.

I'm sure there are hours and hours of tank test time and computer simulation, not to mention actual testing...but I think the ideal tow vehicle would be a Pontiac Aztek, which was ahead of its time....
Bow Spray is a big issue when Stand-Ups are turning fast on rails around the Buoys. That's why the SXR 1500, the Kommanders and the ProForces have wide Bows and/or Spray Deflectors.
I gotta say I'm not a huge fan of the looks but with a aftermarket pole and chin pad I think that will take care of most of it. The thing that some people are missing here is that these big corperations (Yam/Kaw) are still listening to a relatively small demo (in the big picture of these companys) and yamaha came out with something brand new for the first time in 24 years.. Any innovation on a new OEM ski helps push the rest of the sport forward. I couldn't be more stoked with that being said. Hoping to get one of these by next season to rip around our big, choppier lakes here on the west coast (Powell/Mead) and go for big all day rides. The idea of having something a little bigger on the trailer to have the option rip around though the chop at big lakes or even rough windy days and crank some wide open turns seems like a good option for most of us that already have a dedicated Freestyle/Freeride oriented 2 stroke ski.
I would have to agree with 550kid. I like my superjet but on rough water it just isn't that much fun so I don't take it to our larger lakes and it would be nice to have something that would handle the larger chop better but not a tank like the SXR 4-stroke.

As far as looks I can get over the ugley nose but talk about boring. An all white ski with a couple little black stickers is about as lame as they could have gone. I guess there was no budget left for the art and graphics department.
Anyone know what time today the official release happens?

If you are on instagram, it looks like Dustin Motz has a youtube video of a release and on-board video of it all ready to go. They are waiting for mid-day for Yamaha to officially release it first.

I always heard that Kommander held a heavy hand in the development of this ski, so I'm really curious if that is actually true or not.
They appear to be in the process of updating the websites now but currently having server errors. Their twitter said it would be 2pm though.
I just saw a picture of the tray and to me it just looks unfinished. No graphics, the turf doesn't go on the front wall of the tray or over the top of the sides. It just looks like they rushed it and didn't finish the details.
There was a mention that you can choose your graphic options so maybe they will offer different factory sticker kits like the Spark?


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Probably like when a car company is testing a new car. You are not seeing the finished product.
Ski looks awesome. Makes me want to get back into jetskis! Curious if they did anything with the pump, still says 144, but mag style stator maybe? Scoop grate from factory? They did a lot of things right on this ski, in my opinion. Hope people enjoy it. Weight doesn't bother me as my old SN was probably heavier with the whole rear end filled with waterlogged foam.
If anyone is interested - Yamaha's website seems to be saying dealer's will permit a test drive... on a standup... haven't seen that in a few decades lol.

2020-08-12 09_55_40-Find a Dealer.png

I was out last week at my local lake and someone wanted to try my SJ - they let me ride their SXR1500 in return. It was interesting - admittedly I've made fun of them but never ridden one. It would make for a good 'spare ski' for beginners and for cruising - it truly felt like I needed my capt's license though haha and the eariness of off-idle to cruising on a perfectly stable non-tippy ski was amusing.


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Official weight on the yami website is 69 lbs heavier than a 2020 sj... That sounds pretty good!
The 25, 50, or 100-Ton Master License?

I am the least experienced to comment on this subject. But it looks to me that we are supposed to "be happy" that there is a 4-stroke SuperJet (note no longer a Super Jet) at all.

Money went into hull design only. Engine already existed.

But I bet you that Yamaha will sell a ton of these skis. I have had more inquiries about our 25 year old skis on the river this last Summer that at any time in the past.

It is a blank slate. A white piece of paper. There will be a ton of aftermarket upgrades including top tray rail, front and side padding.

I like the concept of the hardware store stern tie downs, but wouldn't be surprised if they crack the gel coat.

Something tells me that the couch potatoes at Yamaha weren't at all interested in this ski. I mean those graphics are really designed to "Rev your Heart!" ?!?!? But I bet you donuts to dollars that it will take off in sales for Yamaha. I don't think they even know what they have.

You're looking at the Spark killer right there . . .
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