Keep the dual 38s or go bigger?


Blasters, Broads, and Beers
What’s up fellas, I am looking for some input on going up to bigger carbs. I’ve been doing a lot of reading but haven’t quite found my answer. I have 94 WB1 with a 62t/62t raider motor and the following upgrades:

Stock 38s with hot products filters and stock reeds (jetted with the coffmans recommendations)
Coffmans pipe
Solas 13/17 prop
Fresh bore to 81.5mm
Ported top end (not case matched)
Decked cylinder with stock head (~180 compression)
MSD enhancer

My main question is if it would be worth it to ditch the 38s and go to something bigger? If I did go to bigger carbs what would you recommend?
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