300/440/550 Need advise on JS300/550 conversion to 650 or 750.

I reciently was given a js300 hull which is still in good condition but the motor and electronics are shot. So I have decided to start getting a list together of what I will be needing to drop either a 650 or 750 engine in the hull. I know i'll need the conversion plate and the electronics for what ever engine I decided to use.

My question is this, which engine would be a better fit into the JS hull, the 650 or the 750?
I have seen a few 93-94 model 750xi super sports in good condition go for around 600 here so i'm thinking i may be better off buying one of those and just snatching the engine and electronics from that ski instead of trying to go with a 650. Any opinions?

Also would a 550 pump be better suited for the 650/750 engine than the 440 pump? Any help is greatly appreciated!
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