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    2005 superjet

    Trade for sxr?
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    Used 2006 Yamaha SJ 701 $4500 SOLD

    Trade for an sxr?
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    Anyone tryna rip LOTO this weekend hml 3145034812
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    2004 Kawasaki SXR800

    Selling my Kawasaki SXR800 Completely stock, and the only damage is on the turf but I can replace if needed. I have more pictures and videos of it on Instagram @Fatsxr looking for 6500 for the ski, willing to trade and negotiate price. located in st.louis missouri
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    Want to Buy Want a wdk rok

    Look for a wdk rok or a Rok r, I have a mint condition SXR 800 and I am willing to nagotiate trades.
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    2014 Tigercraft Aquabot v1 RTR

    Pictures of engine bay???
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    (SOLD) Rockered wdk envy hull

    Pictures of the inside??
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