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    Help recommend me a hull

    Best advice I can give. Get yourself to a Freeride and ride as many hulls as you can! Make your decision from there.
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    2022 Daytona Roll Call

    Looks like the wave predictors were about as reliable as the weather forecasters... Many riders going big out there
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    2022 Daytona Roll Call

    Great! I will see you in Atlanta!
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    2022 Daytona Roll Call

    Yes. Are you flying Delta?
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    2022 Daytona Roll Call

    Nope. Flying in again. Wed-Sun Daytona. Then over to Walt Disney World
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    2022 Daytona Roll Call

    Wednesday 11:30!
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    GTA Jet Pilots Revival Thread

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    Sunken ski

    I think I read it was around a year and a half in 40' of water.
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    Sunken ski

    All things considered. It's really cleaning up nice!
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    How deep do skis sink?

    And now the $20000. question. Is your ski better off with no foam or flotation so it sinks to the bottom and sits there. Or pack it with foam and noodles where it may stay suspended and float around a bit before it settles on the bottom? I guess it depends on what kind of water you ride in...
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everybody! See you all in a few weeks!
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    Sourcing superfreak badass hood

    Just fix the one you have. Even if you find one. Chances are it's going to need work anyway.
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    Host hotel for Daytona Freeride Jan 12-16, 2022

    Message @Performace1. He will have the answer.
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    2022 Daytona Roll Call

    Helmet. Tow loops. And make sure you are registered.
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    What's your view look like today?

    Merry early Christmas to me. Bought this today....
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