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    Need rideplate for aquabot

    Looking for Tigercraft Aquabot rideplates. What’s out there?
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    TPE 964 and ET 967

    Parts are still available for TPE motors. Jr. Can set you up with anything TPE. He made me new cases and had all other items necessary to fully rebuild a 964. The TPE cylinder takes things to another level when comparing it side by side with oem or older cast cylinders.
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    Torrent 150mm SS Pump Review

    Are you running the same pump shoe with the jump from 148 to 150?
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    TPE Cylinder damage

    Pictures show the damage. The Tpe 964 developed an air leak at the seam between the cases. The engine must have been running lean as the pistons exploded into a million pieces. What can be done to repair the cylinder damage, if anything at all Also- after tearing down the cases which are simply...
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    Krenn power sports

    I purchased a hull through the xh20 marketplace.. within a couple hours of purchasing the ski, he had already sent me pictures of the ski wrapped and ready for shipping. He arranged the shipping and the ski was at my house in less than a week. From Texas to Connecticut. Transaction went easy...
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    Tigercraft graphics

    What about racu design- I see he has done a bunch of Tigercrafts
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    Tigercraft graphics

    I emailed agx a few days ago for v2x graphics-Haven’t heard back yet Has anyone installed the kits? They don’t look easy to install
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    Anyone else’s week just flying by...

    Connecticut river, chasing yacht wakes... ‘94 sqaurenose getting launched!
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    *fixed steer* Rounded nose square nose widetray build

    do you know if there's anyone making these sn fixed steer hoods??
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    Cant send private messages - read the first post

    Need 3 more posts
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    Superjet Help

    Pour the two part foam into the open tray. Then carve/sand the foam to the shape you want. Fiberglass over the foam. I did mine that way and it's super strong and held up well.
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    300/440/550 Start of a fresh build, with motor questions, thanks..

    I just got a ski off CL for 200 bucks. it nearly turns over. makes a single click each time you hit the start buttom. i think the pump is seized, cuz the motor spins free. but i did tear the motor to rebuild anyways. how do you tell what year the motor is? the serials end in, 79, do they work...
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