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    MSD analog total loss system for yamaha.

    Msd total loss ignition part #4270 analog system. Brand new never used. includes ignition module,coil,plug wires,trigger pickup timing plate,flywheel,timing modules and all associated wiring. also comes with a spare used ignition module that I was told was good but I cant verify. 850.00 obo...
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    (Found)Cold Fusion Lowered Pole Bracket

    I have a brand new ATP I would sell for 200.00
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    Sj tank?

    Yes I am referring to the lug closest to the front corner of the tank.
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    Sj tank?

    Here is the picture of the spacer I put in to make it easier to slide the tank back and make it easier to get in and out.
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    Sj tank?

    It is just a b mod pipe. The bracket was for a dry pipe on a previous ski. I have since modified the front mounting lug so it is easier to get the tank in. I couldnt find a picture to show what I did . What I did was cut the lug off and epoxy in a lug as close to the hull as I could and I use a...
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    Sj tank?

    this is what I did to relocate mine
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