SX/SXi/SXi Pro 750SX What to do next?

So after 20+ years, the ski started porpoise pretty bad. When I brought it back to the shop I noticed I was missing my intake grate and the fiberglass it bolts to!

I am not sure if I should start over with another 750 hull, patch this hole and refinish it, sell what I have and get going on a SRX. What do you recommend? I would appreciate advice, or an offer for this basket of parts, or an offer for another hull, offer to fix this etc. etc.

As you can see the hull has been well used and enjoyed.

Overall everything else is in good shape, upgraded or otherwise ready to run.

Billet Gas cap, Filler neck billet
Pole bushings rebuild
Billet throttle control
Jetskisolutions start button
Jetskisolutions E box rebuild - zeeltronic ignition (programable timing curves)
Factory B Pipe
6° advance plate
Single carb plus flame arrester
Jetskisolutions battery cables
New steering cable
AGM battery
New drive shaft hull seal
Rebuilt couplers and coupler rubber for driveshaft
Brand new turf
Drop nozzle cable and billet lever
ODI grips
Blowsion style hull extensions 4 inch
Solas pump 12 vane
Hooker impeller limited
Jet dynamics ride plate shorter version

Get a new hull and swap everything over if you like the platform. A lot of people say it sucks, but I like it.
Restore the bottom of this one if you have sentimental value and the skill.
Part it out if you want the most money out of it.
Find a good fiberglass/gelcoat guy to fix the bottom. Im sure to someone who knows how to repair this, its probably pretty easy.
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