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  • I'm working on the shine ,don't worry about the bear i just want some of those great smokes ,will be there thur what about you
    wow it's been since daytona when i was last on....
    dazza as you may know... I didn't make it lol I had to work unfortunately

    BIGFISH!!!! VB! I'm bringing you canadian beer and smokes
    there is a pole for a 100 dollars on here in the for sale section but you wont have it for ipperwash, doug has a spare rn pole bracket forsure, i gave him one for free
    hey Ryan, any luck with your pole yet?? had great FUN, riding with all you guys on the weekend, look forward to next ride.
    I'm in Kingston, it would be great to get out with a bunch more for sure. Around here the sport is kinda not there anymore. Where are you?
    :spank::wizard::pokey::twak::stups::firedevil::cussing: CATTLEBITCH.....not sure if this friendship is going to endure with all this abuse you continue to send my way.....GOVERN YOURSELF ACCORDINGLY!!!!:wizard:
    are you riding this weekend? I live in the Midland area, and a few of us ride there, but would like to come to wasaga, email me if you could to let me know

    And where do you launch in wasaga..?
    :nutkick::nutkick: hehehehehehehehe for your negative attitude LMAO......BTW I am so nice I kick twice.....:cool:
    Not sure depends on the dates and my work schedule, because we are going to Virgina Beach for four days dont want to take anymore time off oh and also Daytona for 2weeks however, we may go for one day! Will keep you posted!
    Hey Buddy....whatta go on? How you doing? See you were lucky enough to get out there and ride the waves......awwww, the good ole days when I could its work, work......
    thanks , I dint know about nick names till the next day when I told Mario I cant find him in here.and I will joint the group.
    Hey messages on your wall....well, one must break the cherry and its gonna be ME:splatt: So, Wasaga on the weekend see yeah there :bananapowerslide:
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