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    900zxi Ebox removal

    Squirt Kroil around the base of it where the mounting bolts were, wait a couple days, tap it with a rubber mallet, then gently pry it off.
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    Today was a good day - the counter to trivial complaints

    Had an MRI done on my brain Friday and a PET/CT scan done on my entire body yesterday to find out how far my melanoma has spread. Got results around 4:00 PM today, and as of now I am cancer free. Apparently it had gone no further than the lymph node they removed 2 weeks ago. Praise Jeebus.
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    Wanting opinion on superjet

    So.....when Trump gets back in in 2024, SJs will be like two for a dollar? Personally I'd wait for a RN. I own both, a SN and an '04 RN, and they are night and day in handling and just plain fun factor. I'd also pass on a 760. I'd much prefer a 701 over a 760.
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    the trivial complaints thread

    57 going on 90
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    the trivial complaints thread

    Biopsy results from the lymph nodes they yanked from me last week came up as positive for metastasized melanoma. So this poop is spreading in me. Hoping to get a game plan from the oncologist today.
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    Mud mat help??

    As an FYI on the horse stall mats....the 4'X6'X3/4" ones weigh 100 lbs. Just something to consider.
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    Damn really. another cylinder for angry people to attack people on

    Because all the haters need all the huge motors either to make up for their lack of skill, or to get their fat asses out of the water. Or both.
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    Anti-Maskers had it right

    However a diet or lifestyle change can help you avoid a pulled muscle or sprained ankle. Some fat ass 400 pounder could probably sustain both injuries just getting up from the couch.
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    Amsoil dominator...

    Wesson all the way
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    the trivial complaints thread

    Had a mole on my hip for 50+ years. Started to itch a couple months ago. Had it removed for a biopsy last Thursday. Got results last night. Melanoma. The hits just keep on coming.
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    Help me finish build

    There are a couple 750SS expansion chambers on eBay right now. Not sure if they are the exact one you are looking for.
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    Other Crypto

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    New Zeeltronics Y62T CDI

    So, is this just a plug and play upgrade or do you need all the other Zeeltronics electrics to go with it?
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    What questionable thing did you put on your jet ski today?

    The old catapult are not alone.
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    Good tires cheap...

    Yes. I'm not impressed at all with their pricing.
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