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Looking to put a scupper valve in my ski (backie chan), wondering what the best one to get is. And easiest to install because ive never done one, so ill be learning as I go.

The ski already has drains so im not exactly sure how its going to work with a hole already there, if I can incorporate it into the bigger hole? Any help is appreciated, thanks


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Good call on a screen. A sliver of epoxy holding my scupper open made my bilge pump work overtime when idling through no wake. The best scupper is one that doesn't leak.


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While you have it apart put some kind of screen in so that you dont end up with a screwdriver or zip tie holding it open.
Not a bad idea. Just had a m6 bolt stuck in there and nearly sunk my ski. Luckily I was in waist deep water when I noticed.
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I had an end of a zip tie get me once. I am careful not to let anything drop in the hull now and I pull the scuppers off and check them regularly.
Blowsion’s “cool as poop” scupper looks like a nice set up, does anyone have experience with it?


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