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Excellent! good stuff! so you said you've been busy and riding....riding this one I assume? Excellent work... realistically, I know it was in salt, etc... did you have to soak every single part, or did you just do it for peace of mind?
More or less piece of mind....but they were pretty haggard, so i figured a chemical dip wouldnt hurt. Soaked the parts for 72 hours in a heated chem washer at 190 degrees. Made everything come out oh so nice.
Awesome thread. Your write up on the first page was well done, I felt like I was there.

Really came back together quickly and with a lot of attention to detail.

What's with the huge stack of washers under one of the pump bolts?
Wow! You are still with us! that's what counts. And i have a ski for sale low low


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Pro Sport rider lost his Blaster in a surf race in Virginia Beach back in the 90's. It washed up a few years later after a storm. Good times.
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