- ordered Monday 7/19/21 arrived next day Tuesday 7/20/21 - w/ cheapest shipping


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@JetManiac and @john zigler are my go to jet ski parts vendors. And as everybody knows, they are simply superb!!!

But when I can't get something from them, say an OEM Yamaha or Kawasaki part, I order it from


Because oem parts from Partzilla are expensive and, in the past, their shipping has not only been expensive, but s-l-o-w . . .

Not anymore! Ordered Monday 7/19/21 arrived next day Tuesday 7/20/21 while using the cheapest shipping that they had available.

Yes their prices are still pretty high, but they are selling 26 year old oem parts, so you can't really complain about high prices given that fact.

And their shipping seems to have been reduced somewhat - still too high - but somewhat reduced.

So Positive Seller Kudos must be given to !!!!


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Usually Yamaha Sports Plaza has lower prices then Partzila:

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