Superjet lightweight steering plate

Anyone interested in something like this? I made this one for my superjet. It brings the bars a lot closer to the pivot and lets you just run a straight set of 7/8ths bars. I made this set to take the stock bar clamps but could make it for fat bars/whatever. There's a lot of aftermarket steering already out there but most stuff I've seen looks much heavier/kinda expensive. I was thinking I'd run a couple out if anyone was interested, maybe like $50 each with a stud I have yet to turn for this one that just lets you use stock bushings and jam nuts.



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Looks awesome, I like the idea and the price point would be great. I would say anything under $100 would be great. You could just add some bolt on fatbar clamps to keep it simple.
Could do that, I was planning on making the bolt spacing bigger to accommodate both bar sizes and just get different clamps, but was to lazy to make clamps right now so figured I'd make it fit the stock ones lol.
Made a stud quick for this plate:
Screw fat bars. They still bend. Just go with 7/8” solid round bar. Only cost you $6

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That might defeat the "lightweight" part though lol. My idea in the first place was just to use 7/8" tubing so you didn't have to buy bars, but if people want fat bars its a pretty arbitrary change to make.

true but i like the riser bars and they only make them fat. unless you know how to bend some tube
Well if all you want is riser bars could just make tall clamps for 7/8" bars, might have to modify the chinpad for that though
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