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Big Kahuna.. we did not get the usual reminder email to pay for another year of "site support" this site has been so welcoming for as long as we can remember ..YOU yourself have been extremely helpful to us and everyone in this sport! Please let us know how to re-up our payment. (Unless perhaps it was automatically taken from our paypal? Lol)
Thank you for everything you do!
One tends to take sites like this for granted, but when you stop and think about it, there’s definitely a lot happening in the background to keep the whole show going.

As a refugee from PWC Today (that sadly turned into troll-central), I can definitely say I’ve enjoyed all my years as part of this forum, largely due to the quality of the Admin here. So, now seems to be a good time to give a heartfelt “thank you” to all those (past, present and future) who put in the time and effort to keep the “X” rolling along.

Thanks Darin!

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How much has changed in the standup world! Respect and thanks to those who have kept the X running all these years. I have learned more and spent more time on this site than any other. My ski days are fading with age and etc. but I still check in on the X to see what is happening and when the perfect rec freestyle ski at the right price is put up for sale. Keep up the great work guys!!
Life has taken me away from this site, but I remember the day it was launched. I was so pumped to be an OG member. As a former Riot Radio member, I loved getting the heads up on this. Good luck, Darrin. This site is and was a savior for the little guys.

Also, BK, Whats up MF!!
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