TNT B1 chamber review


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CPT 771 decked 62t cases, 64x cylinder built by @Nuklear6
Enhancer w/ 3 degree advance
Boyesen intake and reeds
Dual oem 44's / prok arrestors
144 mag pump 11/17 hooker
Jesus bracket
Carbon hull
Manifold and head pipe matched, polished and bored to 48mm by @holeshot


I swapped out the octane bpipe chamber (size between a limited and mod) and made no other changes to water routing, head pipe screws, 2mm stinger, FCV, etc

Chamber runs sizzling hot and the headpipe is cool/warm to the touch.

Ski has noticeably more power with the tnt chamber and when doing a high speed run it doesn't sign off. Feels like it wants to just keep pulling. Great throttle response, and predictable power band. I figured it would be a little better then a bpipe and was surprised by how much better it is. After I try different water routing and adjust the screws in different combos I will post back with updates.


the c4 chamber is a little different than the actual tnt. ive had both. currently running the tnt. its a thicker grade of stainless so the quality is a little better. biggest difference ive noticed was stinger diameter. the c4 (atleast mine did) has a 2.5 in stinger where as the tnt has a 2 1/8 inch stinger. the c4 was a little better off the bottom than the tnt and i think this is due to stinger diameter differences but the tnt makes more power midrange and definitely up top.
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