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I recently received my Wax Racing Internal fuel fill, I will post my initial thoughts (pre-installation) and once I get a chance to install it I will update.

I had recently been looking for a fuel fill assembly to replace my old school Thrust unit that clamps onto the fuel tank with a piece of hose. I wanted something that was cleaner and a bit lower profile.
It comes un-assembled with one fill piece, one cap, four fuel line fittings (two for pickups in tank and two for outlets to carb), two o-rings for the fill piece into the tank neck, one large circular gasket for the cap and two fuel clunks/pickups.

What I like:
The design is clean, the fuel cap is simple and the knurling makes it easy to remove.
It fits into the tank neck so installation height is pretty minimal.
The fittings thread in so they can be replaced with screws to block off the unit for single pickup applications (rather than clamping a cap or fuel line pinched off to remove one fitting).
The cap has female threads so the neck piece doesn't chew up your fuel tank hose end.
The gasket in the cap is large and designed to be captured inside the cap so it can't really fall out when you take the cap off.
The anodizing is even and looks nice.
The price is excellent.

What I would like to change:
Only comes in blue, this is a small thing but I like my ski to be color matched. The blue fuel fill doesn't match any of the black or red anodized parts I have on my ski. The blue ano also seems a bit lighter than what others in the industry are using so it may not match your blue head or flywheel cover. Silver or black option would be nice.
The fuel fill inlet could possibly be larger, it may require additional machining steps and would ultimately drive cost up so I am not sure it is a good trade off but the bigger the better IMO.
There are no instructions, so I am not certain if/how I should seal off the fuel fitting threads or if I need to clamp my fuel tank neck to keep it secured.
It would be nice if it included two screws/plugs to block off unused fuel outlets/pickups.
There is a small (1/2" long) blem in the knurling on the cap, this appears to have happened before anodizing.

Overall it is a great piece, I would recommend, especially if you like blue. I will update soon with installation photos and thoughts.




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Thanks for the honest review on this,
1) I will look into some instructions for this ( great feedback)
2) i think we will offer more colors in the future, we wanted to keep them all wax racing blue but I hear you
3) The size is dictated by keeping enough strength in the material for all the abuse people put into their stuff, ( probably not going to change that)
I really do appreciate the discussion and the feedback, This is how we make our products better


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I appreciate the response @waxhead!
I installed it tonight, as expected, super simple. It fits the stock fuel tank neck very well and seats down with a satisfying "thump" as you push it past the top o-ring. I am still missing the proper pitch screw (I am assuming it is M6 x .75, fine pitch) to plug off my second pickup but I installed the other three fittings with a dab of blue locktite. Per Wax's recommendation I used the factory hose clamp to add a bit of tension to the fill neck to make sure the filler stays in place. If anyone is curious, the top of the cap sits right at about 2.5" above the top surface of the fuel tank.

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