650/X-2 X2 restore.

At purchase X2 started & created smoke, noise sporadically. Dropping fire to the plugs intermediately. Knew it was a basket case so not disappointed. Didn't bother diagnosing any further. Stator made in China, toss, going with JSS stator. E-box with butchered wires with OEM colors, easy fix. Secondary on coil, a brick shows lower resistance. Send to JSS. Pump/Engine alignment compromised. Forum members here pointed me in the right direction. (Thank you all). Remarkably good compression on both cylinders. 140/144. Leak down passed. Previous owners say the case has never been split & between both owners it is estimated 350<400 hrs? Maybe a testament to Klotz bean oil? No matter, splitting the case & doing overhaul on the 30 year old engine. So 1st step, hull recondition. This is where I like to have some opinions on material/procedure used.
1st. Sand down, various grits per progression
2nd. Dremel/clean cracks & gouges alcohol or acetone??
3. Fill with 3M SMC/Fiberglass repair adhesive -35, 08219, green. I could really entertain some opinions on this.
4. Evercoat( Hi Bond) white Gelcoat (hardener container included) with no wax, 3 layers
5. This is where I'm @ a crossroads. Do I final coat with paraffin wax or skip & use PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) as oxygen barrier? Opinions PLEASE.IMG_2238.JPGIMG_2238.JPGIMG_2239.JPGIMG_2239.JPG

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@Lugnut and others:

I have read that the way to true the strakes is with a two foot length of aluminum pipe of the correct diameter wrapped with emory cloth or sand paper. I have to do the very same thing that you are doing to our '80's X2.

If you find the correct diameter pipe, would you post up what it is and where you got it please?
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