Trim system advice (5 degree, raptor, pitch)

Looking at upgrading my trim system and wanted some input on what route to go.

Question 1: Upsweep
I have been running a 5 degree upsweep on my ski so I do not know the difference between that and a straight nozzle. Which one is gonna provide more height on flips etc?

Pitch Components Trim VS Raptor Trim
- I love everything I have seen about the new adjustable pitch components trim, but how does it compare to the raptor? All I hear is the raptor is the new end all be all of trim systems, it spins fasters, jumps higher etc. Curious for some real world input vs sales pitch

Thanks guys


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The raptor is going to be a 5 degree upswept only as far as I know.

A straight nozzle is going to get you the most height. But one could argue that a 5 degree and not pulling trim could do the same thing.

What it came down to for me is that I rode xfs’s with straight and 5 up nozzles and much preferred the ride of straight nozzle, therefore I had two choices, an oem nozzle with the xscream kit and boot, or try the pitch.

My experience with pitch has been good. He is someone who stands behind his product and knows how to make a beautiful product.
But, I did have some fitment and use issues. I will say in full disclosure that he sent me new bushings to replace the old ones free of charge. I still feel the tolerance is too tight and that is what led to the binding issues I was having.

The other issue was that trim lever he sent will literally gets you 45 degrees of trim, but you don’t need that much as it kills height. So I had to order an odyssey and custom drill the cable adjuster so it would fit his cable. I also had drag issues with the cable but I feel that now the cable is broke in it is better but still not as smooth as my OG xscream or Raptor.

Steering wise, the ski is like driving a zero turn lawnmower. It literally will turn around on its self.

Any trim system is going to require fine tuning to get the max performance out of. Overall I am happy with my purchase and feel that I received a very high quality product.
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