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They were blowing those M12 jackets out for $49 but only in ladies plus sizes like 2 and 3XL.

The only gift I received this year was $10 cash from my 8yr old nephew.

Good thing I treat myself to whatever I want the rest of the year.

Unfortunately I don’t wear a ladies 2 or 3XL but I got that for my birthday being in December and always the cold one in the family.

I’m the same way, never ask for anything and just buy what I need but I’m admittedly cheap. This year I finally caved and when asked by every family member what I wanted I thought Milwaukee.

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I blew up my angle grinder and my circular saw last week. Neither are brushless. Apparently the M18 12A battery though makes the tool run stronger can lead to tools frying when over-used or over-loaded.

Now I gotta wait 6 weeks for the repair; if they even honor the warranty repair request.


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gotta say, I was really excited when i first switched to my shiny new milwaukee brushless m18 tools, but after using them for 9 months, there are a lot of little annoying things I can't stand..... I use the 1/4" impact a lot and they put the torque controls right under your pinky finger - I often accidentally press the button and change the torque. My 1/4" impact needs to go in for service (it randomly goes the wrong direction for one trigger pull after switching directions sometimes) and that is a LENGTHY process where I won't have my tool. The batteries are WAYY too difficult to pull in and out of the chargers and tools. The wet/dry vac is a nice tool, but the fact you have to open the cover to get to the hose and tools is super annoying - apparently there is an add on external hose holder you can get but I haven't yet. I don't use the onboard bit holders, but they are in really annoying positions IMHO. The brake on the brushless drill is powerful but i feel like the tool is going to break when i'm using a large diameter tool like a 6" hole saw for recessed lights - I bet if i use it on full speed and wasn't careful a few times it would break whatever gears are inside. Also, the last setting on the drill's torque control is hammer drill mode. It's really annoying I can't just quickly spin that thing to max without looking - you have to go all the way and then back one if you aren't looking to get normal drill mode.

1/2" impact and circular saw have been pretty good, but I don't use them much. The only complaint with the saw is that the lockout is too hard to press and akward.
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