Yamasaki 701SX

Has anyone run the breadbox pipe with this swap? Super close but hits ebox with it on that side. I flopped ebox mount but it looks like my battery won’t fit with it that way. Thoughts? Maybe cut down the bracket behind ebox mounting bracket? image.jpg


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Sweet! I used a stock 650SX pipe with a factory pipe manifold works and fits well.

Make sure you give us a update as soon as you ride!

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There was this whole thing about putting a chip in the Ford 7.3 PSD engine. But it seemed to me from reading the threads at Ford-Trucks.com that it could create a non-linear throttle response. And I drive on ice allot, so I was afraid of a kind of turbo effect kicking in and breaking the tires loose, so I never installed a chip.

I have been similarly afraid of adding a pipe to a jet ski engine. So, this statement makes me want to inquire about what you mean @kevbo and @SexPanther:

"The older I get the less I like riding with a good pipe."
Sorry it took me 100 years to respond to this.

My thoughts are this.. Take them with a grain of salt as I am a much better pilot than tuner.

I have ridden 701 powered Superjet’s with only a pipe that will rip your arms off and blow your mind. Solid reliable power where you need it. I have also ridden 701 SJs with enhancer, head, and pipe that are absolutely slow and the owner just doesn’t have any experience to contrast it with.

I personally came from the 550 sx platform and had all kinds of sweet parts that maybe didn’t work so well together. I rode screwy sherbet’s 550’s and realized I did not have it figured out. Specifically a Shan Dobson built sx that I swear is faster than most 800 SXR’s.

Tuning is so important. My 2017 SJ just ran really well out of the box. To me, the way I like to surf waves, your ski idling really well and coming off that bottom end is really imperative. Stock trim is totally consistent anreliable. And I don’t really love getting destroyed by Mid Winter Surf in Grayland so that was ideal, and a great contrast to the 440 powered 550sx I came from.
As for the first ride. It was extremely brief due to some pump alignment concerns combined with having not used adhesive to secure the pump shoe yet. No ride plate, no scoop grate. Basically just wanted to know if my 701 still ran.
First off, stock 701 exhaust is not ideal for clearance. Going to require moving the stock hood tubes and ducting extensively. Major vibration during test ride. Might be sorted but still need to pad around waterbox so that is possibly the source of continued vibration. I did cut the battery box as suggested.

that said.

It is a certified rocket ship.

what the licorice power in a JS hull.

do it.

I also love this kit. RHAAS is good. Not fast, but good.
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